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As investors, you understand that the value of your investment is only as good as your ability to capture and retain your company's core technology inside your investment - and the only sure way to protect this know-how is through your patent strategy.

i2Equity can examine your existing investments - and vet your prospective ones - for proper care and coverage of your companies intellectual property. Our combination of industry and licensing experience has proven invaluable in working with venture capital firms to design the right patent strategy.

Patents are not just about claim construction - they are about finding the core value proposition of a company, understanding the direction of the market, understanding the other players in that field, and protecting your companies competitive advantage.

In addition, should things not go as planned, i2Equity can help find the best possible exit strategy. With a properly structured and protected IP portfolio, a significant portion of the companies assets will remain past dissolution, and i2Equity will help the investors and founders find maximum value for that asset.


i2Equity can help you:

  • Evaluate the technology and competitive edge of a new investment
  • Work with your investments to define and implement a strategy to protect their IP
  • Work with brokers to help divest the remaining assets of a company to bring maximum value back to the founders and investors

Realize the value of patents


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